National Strawberry Picking Day feat. Modcloth Dress

What I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from Modcloth

Happy National Strawberry Picking Day! Could this dress be any more perfect for picking strawberries? Maybe it's a little strawberry overload but I don't even mind. Strawberries are delicious. And the colors of this dress! It's no wonder I got a lot of comments on it. It's a hard dress to miss. It's also the perfect dress to wear a petticoat with as it's just got that natural "spinning dress" quality to it. The only sad part about this dress? It's no longer available. But Modcloth does have a ...

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DIY: Slide Lamp Shade with Tassels

Make It Monday: DIY Photo Slide Lamp Shade with Tassels

I just had to make this DIY photo slide lamp shade with tassels for my penpal as part of #BabesSendThings. I've recently joined this group of ladies who love to send things they make. If you're a babe, you like to make things and send things, you should join! It's a simple process. You sign up at #BabesSendThings, and they pair you up with someone who you then make something for and send it to them. Each cycle last three months. Each month they give you two different words and a medium to try ...

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What I Wore: Overcast days and Flower Dresses

What I Wore: An Overcast Day and A Flower Dress from ASOS

Spring was really slow coming to NYC this year. For the longest time, I wondered if it would ever get here. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and luckily for us now, spring is most certainly here. In fact, it's beginning to feel like summer! Not that I mind. With summer comes trips to Coney Island and the beach, ice cream trucks, craft shows, being outside and more opportunities to meet new people. I'm also all about not having to wear leggings anymore! Isn't this flower dress from ASOS ...

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What I Wore: Vintage Thrift Store Fashion in Brooklyn Square Buttons

I don't know about you, but I love thrifting. I don't think there's any question about that. My thrifting game in Colorado was top notch. I always found something awesome at our local goodwill. All the vintage things I could ever want. I was worried that when I moved to Brooklyn I'd have to put my thrifting adventures on the shelf. If it cost $12-15 for a vintage dress in Colorado then most certainly I'd be paying a pretty penny for a vintage dress in NYC. At that point, why bother thrifting?Boy ...

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40+ Hashtags Creatives should Follow and Use on Instagram Now

My favorite social media platform currently is Instagram. There's so much creativity being shared that I'm constantly being inspired. Instagram is also a great place to find a community of others who share your creative passions. The hard part? Finding out where those people are. Unless you are friends with them on facebook or you happen to follow their blog, you might not find them. At least not without the help of hashtags. What Are Hashtags? Hashtags are a word or a series of words (without ...

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